Announcement: Funding has doubled!

We have doubled the amount of money we're giving away. Previously it was $50,000, and now it's $100,000. The extra funding has been provided by Jeff Roberts of RAD Game Tools.
We are giving out this money to support underrepresented game creators in building puzzle games. The additional funding means we can increase the number of recipients and give more to each.
If you are working on an interesting puzzle game, or would like to, consider submitting an application. It's easy!
Visit our previous blog post for further details. Submissions close on April 23rd and we will notify recipients by May 18, 2018. 


  1. Great to see Thekla is supporting under represented groups.
    I’m a blind programmer building game development tools for blind gamers. (
    I built the game engine for “A Hero’s Call” ( though now I’m back to working on my own.
    Not working on any puzzle games at the moment, but I’ve got some big ideas for empowering blind gamers to build their own games through integrated tooling and an online community.
    I wish I could see to play Braid and The Witness.
    It would be awesome if Thekla’s next game took accessibility into greater consideration, though I realize Jon has a strong design vision he needs to achieve.
    I’m a big fan of Jonathan Blow and very interested to see how Jai turns out.
    I’ve heard Jeff Roberts speak in HandmadeCon 2016.
    Cheers to Thekla, and cheers to Jeff for doubling the funding.

  2. I submitted my project a couple of weeks ago, but I never received a confirmation or anything.

    I used the same mail as now for the post. Did I submitted the form correctly?

    PD: those news are great! Thanks Jeff and witness team :)

  3. Hi! Will we get an update today on the results of the judges work?

    Have a nice day!

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