The Witness is finally on iOS!

In case you haven't heard the news, after nearly a year of optimizing, refining touch-controls, etc., we finally released The Witness on iOS!

You can find it on the App Store, and carry around the full game in your pocket...which is pretty crazy if you ask me.

The game will work with iOS 10 and up, on:
iPhone 5S (or newer)
iPad Air (or newer)
iPad Mini 2 (or newer)
iPod Touch 6th Generation

Oh, also, it's only $9.99!


  1. This is the update I’ve waited years to see appear in my RSS feed! Thanks and congrats!

    • Christian M Johnson

      Game breaking bug… I don’t want to spoil anything but there is a puzzle very late into the game that can’t be completed… something very few people ever complete hint hint. The game glitches out and you can’t swipe up. It’s definitely not a problem with my puzzle solving skills, this is definitely a bug. It’s on a pillar puzzle, can’t draw up regardless of layout. Puzzle freezes mid drawing. Plenty of time left on clock.
      iPhone 6+, 11.0.3

  2. This is a pretty significant release. A massive new audience experiencing this game in a new form factor.

    More importantly, I can now buy this for my puzzle-loving mother who didn’t get on at all with the PC version.

  3. Will this game be released on the Apple TV? If so, any timeframe?

  4. William C Crawford


    I would totally buy this again for Android if it worked on my phone (Nexus 6P), instead of just my TV. I hope you’re working towards that as well, since you’ve clearly got it working for IOS phones. :)

  5. Congrats! Excited to pick this up again after PS4 version, and looks stunning. But gamesave reset when I loaded it up without internet? Any ideas? That long dark start tunnel is beginning to have ominous undertones…

    Thanks! M

  6. So excited! I have the collection now! Keep up the good work, guys!

  7. Where do my saves go? Everytime I play the saves stay for an hour or so and then disappear. I have played for hours, having to restart the game everything time.

  8. Is it possible to transfer game saves from one iOS device to another? I’m wondering if I can play on both my iPhone and iPad using the same save files.


  9. Can you play this without wifi I am going on a very long flight tomorrow and I will download this game if I know you can play without wifi?

    • Yep! Your saved games won’t sync to iCloud until you get an internet connection, but the game should work perfectly fine without it.

  10. This works fantastic for a second playthrough as you can double tap something in the distance that you know you need to go to, and sit back and have a drink while your man sprints there.

    Works and looks great on my 6S Plus.

    I doubt we’ll see this game on VR, particularly on PSVR, but the chilled out exploration in this game would really lend itself to it. It’s a fantastic place to walk around.

    As/if VR becomes really accessible and mainstream, I can’t wait to see what your first VR project will be, if you go down that route.

  11. Any plans on releasing the game for android phones?

  12. Game just crashed with 158 puzzles solved… And the save is gone :| Such a bummer :(

  13. Will any of the developers tell me if there is anything in The Witness that nobody has found yet? If there is, I would like to try and find it.

  14. Is it planned to add the pathfinding algorithm to the PC version? An only mouse option would be great for my mom.

  15. Hi,
    For an unknown reason I can’t download the updates for the iOs version… I have nearly 4Go of available space on my iPad mini but the download always stops at around 75%. Is this normal?

    • We are not entirely sure of the exact amount of space needed to download the game/updates, but we think you need about double the size of the game just while installing. If you make some more room, just temporarily while the game is installing, it should work!

  16. Thank you so much for bringing this wonderful game to iOS, and doing an amazing job with it. It is literally my favorite game of all time, and I’ve played a few!

    Aside from a few saves disappearing, it’s just about perfect. I really enjoy the path finding option for mobile devices-it really helps with eye and hand fatigue.

  17. There is a bug where sometimes you will solve the 4th puzzle in “the challenge” and the game will crash. Also when switching between apps the game sound cuts out sometimes. I am playing version 1.3 on an iphone 6S ios 11.0.2.

    • Sorry you are experiencing those issues! Would you mind shooting an email to with as much detailed information you have about the crash and the sound issue? We will try to track down the problem!

  18. I’m undecided about buying the game, i want to know if it has controller support?

  19. Hey there! I have a serious problem with iOS version. I’ve been waiting for it for more than a year and I’m really excited because of its gorgeous optimization. Honestly, that’s a perfect example of brilliant optimization.

    But there is one serious problem and it’s about 100% walkthrough. There is one hidden puzzle in glass factory that I physically cannot solve. I tried to solve it in PC version and it was really easy. I did it without any difficulties. I noticed that size of window was changed and it became physically impossible to even draw a line. I can’t literally neither reach the left edge of this puzzle nor draw a line above the circle.


    Thanks in advance!

    • Glad to hear you are enjoying the port! The issue you are reporting is actually not a bug, you are just missing some info in the environment! Good luck!

  20. Hi there.

    Listen. I LOVE this game on iOS. LOVE LOVE LOVE. But I have lost my progress three times now. The losses appear random. The first time it happened I lost some 59 solved puzzles. I don’t want to invest more time without having any confidence that my progress will be there when I go back. Please help?

    • We recently put out a patch that should solve saved game losses, are you playing the latest version? If so, and you are still encountering the problem, please contact with as much info regarding the issue as possible and we will try to correct it! Glad to hear you are enjoying the game otherwise, apologies for the troubles!

  21. I’ve just updated my iPad to ios11 and the game crashes when I am in the town. It is very frustrating…… any suggestions please

  22. Any possibility the MacOs version price will be lowered from its current $40? I would rather have the game on my Mac than my iPhone. But then I look at quadruple the IOS price!

  23. Hi guys,
    I’ve been playing to The Witness on my iPhone 7 Plus 32GB for almost 3 weeks. I was close to the end of the game but today when opening the app I saw that my saved game was gone!
    FYI, I have the last version of the game available on the Apple Store.
    I really want that saved game back. Can you please help?

  24. So does partnership with Nvidia means it’ll be Shield exclusive forever? It’s nice to see you were able to port Witness to GLES on iOS and it works great.

  25. The witness is crashing just after the end of the first cinematic. This behavior is consistent. When the person lies down near the fountain and looks at the sky, the game crashes

  26. I love this game and have sunk many hours into the PC version. It’s something I go back to regularly and just love being there, as I chip away at the final few puzzles. However, now it’s out on iOS, I wondered whether there is any way to transfer a save file from the PC version so I can pick up where I left off? It’s a long shot but, if this isn’t an option, is there any chance of implementing it in the future?

    Thanks to all the devs for making such an inspiring and wonderful game.

    • Unfortunately that’s something way too complicated for our small programming team to implement, sorry! Glad you liked the game otherwise:)

  27. My Mac is crashing with The Witness now, apparently it’s something to do with High Sierra’s new filing system.
    Is there due to be an update to the game?
    I bought the game through GOG so not entirely sure how it’d be updated through that.

    Any help?

    • Last I heard, there was something wrong on Apple’s side of things that they needed to fix about the new OS, but I am not entirely sure if that’s still the case or if this is a different issue. If you email, a programmer should be able to give you more concrete info, though!

  28. I apologise that this is in the wrong section but I wanted to be sure it would be read.

    Do you guys have any plans to revisit the Xbox One versión now that the X console is out? It would be nice to get a boost to near 4K resolution for this game. It deserves it so much.


  29. Will the Witness be released on Android? Thanks!!

  30. Any plans to add a virtual d-pad for the iOS version?

    Love the game on Xbox and iOS

  31. will this game run on a fourth gen ipad under ios 10?

    Want to buy the game, but want it to work.

  32. Hi There, big fan of the game, any plans for a Switch version?

  33. Judging by the non-replies to the question “do you plan to release on Android?” I am surmising the answer is no?

    Too bad, seems a same to ignore half of mobile users.

  34. Hi,

    Big fan of the game, I already have it on both PC and PS4, recently got the iPhone version and I’m finding the touch controls almost impossible when solving puzzles. Navigating the world is great, but having to have my finger on top of the line obscures most of the puzzle I’m trying to solve! This is particularly problematic in the places like the cherry blossom grove where the puzzle solutions are very close together.

    I feel like I’m missing something! Is there an on screen d-pad or similar to control the line without obscuring it?

  35. I played a long time on PC, now I’m playing on my Mac, any way of transferring the save game from one to the other? Couldn’t find any folder that fits

  36. Hey! Is there any chance this absolute gem of a game will get the full graphics and higher framerates on iOS? Should be possible nowadays with modern hardware.

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