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If you like first-person puzzle games…

… you may wish to see Antichamber, which has just been released on Steam. The game’s web site. The Steam page. The game is primarily the work of one designer, Alexander Bruce, who has been working on it for six years. Players seem to be really into the game, and it’s been the top-selling game […]

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Dear Esther is out.

[This message is crossposted from the Indie Fund blog.] Our gift to you, on this very special Valentine’s Day, is the worldwide release of the long-awaited game Dear Esther. If you haven’t heard of Dear Esther, watch this: (Or hey, watch the trailer even if you are quite familiar with the game; the trailer is […]

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The trailer for Dear Esther is out now.

If you’re interested in arty games that push the boundaries of what games are doing, you may be interested in Dear Esther, which will be released on Valentine’s Day of this year (much sooner than The Witness will be!) The trailer has just been released: See more about Dear Esther at the official site. This […]

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New game: Q.U.B.E. will be released on December 16th.

In addition to working on The Witness, I am a partner in the Indie Fund, a group of successful indies who finance imaginative indie games under developer-friendly terms. Our fund has been around for almost 2 years now, and I am happy to announce that our first funded game is about to be released. It’s […]

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Designing to Reveal the Nature of the Universe

This talk was presented by Jonathan Blow and Marc ten Bosch at Indiecade on October 7, 2011. Any system of interactivity can of course be explored: If X happens, what are the consequences? What are all the ways in which pattern Y expresses itself, and to what do those expressions lead? By inspecting the structure […]

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Braid playthrough with director’s commentary

At GameCity in Nottingham, UK in September 2010, I played through select portions of Braid and gave commentary. I had been under the impression the session was officially recorded, and I’ve been waiting for an official video to hit the internet, but at this point I am not sure this was done. Fortunately someone in […]

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A game to watch for: Miegakure

Miegakure, by Marc ten Bosch, is a puzzle game where you travel through four-dimensional space (and manipulate objects in that space). I was privileged to play an early version in 2009; just this week I got to play the most recent version, and it is coming along tremendously. It is my Game of the Year, […]

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