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A clarification about our PS4 exclusivity.

There has been worry and speculation on the internet about the PS4 exclusivity that we announced during the press conference, so here are some details to help answer those questions.

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First official trailer for The Witness

as seen in today’s PlayStation 4 announcement: (Watch it in HD + fullscreen if you have the bandwidth!)

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Dear Esther is out.

[This message is crossposted from the Indie Fund blog.] Our gift to you, on this very special Valentine’s Day, is the worldwide release of the long-awaited game Dear Esther. If you haven’t heard of Dear Esther, watch this: (Or hey, watch the trailer even if you are quite familiar with the game; the trailer is […]

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New game: Q.U.B.E. will be released on December 16th.

In addition to working on The Witness, I am a partner in the Indie Fund, a group of successful indies who finance imaginative indie games under developer-friendly terms. Our fund has been around for almost 2 years now, and I am happy to announce that our first funded game is about to be released. It’s […]

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We are hiring. We at Thekla, Inc. are a small independent developer making games with tradition-breaking designs.  We are pushing the boundaries of what a video game can be. Our current project is The Witness, a puzzle/exploration game designed by Jonathan Blow, designer/programmer of the critically-acclaimed Braid.  Our office is in Berkeley, California, USA but we […]

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The Indie Fund submissions process is now open…

… and the web site is updated.  See it here: Earlier this year, some friends and I, all successful independent game developers, put together the Indie Fund in order to help support newer folks with good ideas.  All the hoops involved in setting up such an organization have been passed through, and we are […]

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Announcing Indie Fund

Today we are announcing a fund that provides very good terms for talented indie developers working on high-quality games.  Our terms are much friendlier than what publishers offer.  Our goal is to help indies become stronger while retaining their independence. The past couple of years have been good for independent game developers.  Through download services […]

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Twitter and Facebook pages are now live.

You can now be notified of new blog postings via RSS, Twitter or Facebook.  See the icons in the upper-right corner! At the moment of writing this post, The Witness has no Twitter followers and no Facebook fans, so you could be the first!

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Welcome to the development blog for The Witness.

The Witness is a game in development, designed and produced by Jonathan Blow, designer of the critically-acclaimed game Braid.  There’s a small team working on the game, and over time this blog will introduce you to them and provide a bit more insight into the development process. Many people have been asking for more details […]

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