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What we’ve been working on lately.

We built a DirectX11 rendering backend for our engine, which is likely to be the default when running on Windows. Up until now we had been running on DirectX9, which made sense when we thought the game was going to be done a while ago. But these days, DX9 is getting pretty old and busted. […]

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Irradiance Caching – Continued

… … Ignacio has posted the conclusion of his series on irradiance caching — at long last! — and released the source code. This code is a significant chunk of what makes lighting in The Witness as nice as it is.

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Road to E3 – Day 5

Final day and a lot more little things to polish than I expected. Every time I got something fixed another problem would pop up. We got everything in a good state for E3 but there are quite a few more ideas we want to try for the castle visuals,  probably 2 or 3 more days of work . […]

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Road to E3 – Day 4

Getting close to the end of the week. Most of the key detail has been added to the walls and I feel, if we had to send this build to E3, it wouldn’t be terrible. We managed to get in some really nice framing details that I won’t spoil here but I’m sure players will appreciate […]

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Road to E3 – Day 2

Here is the progress for today. Detail has been added to the rest of the walls and towers as well as windows and other smaller features. We’ve had some discussions about the style of the battlements so those might change tomorrow or after. Here are the new modular pieces that were done for detailing:   We […]

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Road to E3 – Day 1

Since we have only one week to get the entry area ready before E3 I was thinking it could be interesting to have a post at the end of each day to show how we are progressing. It will balance out the high programming post count we’ve had the past few days and hopefully show a bit of […]

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Casey’s Witness Wednesday on Interpolation

He’s put up another very informative blog post, leaving the specific topic of grass planting, venturing into more general territory regarding interpolation. And there’s a video, from which it is possible to learn a lot of this is a new subject. Here’s the blog post. Here’s the video:  

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Witness Friday post on Casey’s blog

Casey Muratori is back, with more details about planting grass when you really care about how good the results are.       Update: And here’s another post, complete with a video showing in detail how the grass planting works in the actual game.

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Working on The Witness, Parts 5 and 6.

Casey Muratori has made new postings about the work he has done on The Witness: Working on The Witness, Part 5 Working on The Witness, Part 6 In this one he talks about how to distribute grass. Legally. As well as the different colors of noise one might want to be familiar with in order […]

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The Art of “The Witness” – GDC 2014

Last week was the Game Developers Conference (GDC) here in San Francisco and we were invited to talk about the art  of “The Witness”. I decided to shift the talk from any technical aspect, since there are already plenty of those, and tried to focus instead on our thought process, what were the decisions we […]

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