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Working on The Witness, Part 5

Casey Muratori has made a new posting about the work he has done on The Witness: Working on The Witness, Part 5 In this one he talks about how to distribute grass. Legally.

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The Art of “The Witness” – GDC 2014

Last week was the Game Developers Conference (GDC) here in San Francisco and we were invited to talk about the art  of “The Witness”. I decided to shift the talk from any technical aspect, since there are already plenty of those, and tried to focus instead on our thought process, what were the decisions we […]

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What that VR post was about

Last November I made a somewhat-mysterious posting which some people speculated was hinting at stereoscopic rendering in The Witness. Indeed it was, and Now It Can Be Told. Last year I was pessimistic about VR systems in the near future, since the ones I had tried didn’t seem to offer much (certainly not enough to […]

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It’s been a while since we did an Island Snapshot

… so here one is.     Luis has been doing a lot of work lately on the mountain and especially the stuff at the top. Other folks have been doing a bunch of work on things that are not as obvious in this picture! Current puzzle count: 595

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More Screenshots

It’s been a long time since the last posting! Time flies. Normally I would post an Island Snapshot, but the viewpoint we have been using for Island Snapshots is a little bit unfortunate lately, since the main thing taking up the view is the mountain, which is an area we haven’t worked on modeling-wise lately. […]

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iPad video update #1

Andy’s got the iPad port far enough along that you can sort of play the game now. Here’s a short video: There are some basic hacks going on; for example, right now, we are not drawing the real sky; it’s just solid blue. Also, right now we are just loading this starting area, but it […]

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The Witness Audio: 1000 Subtle Layers

(This is a crosspost from WabiSabi Sound’s blog). I didn’t think Witness was going to be an easy project by any stretch, but I certainly didn’t expect it to be one of our biggest creative challenges. I’ve worked on nearly 80 projects spanning feature film, games, ads and other sorts, and my job as sound […]

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Interview about The Witness and related design topics

On January 31, 2013, Tom McShea of Gamespot interviewed me as part of their Break Room Interview series. It was an interesting conversation! Here’s the interview.

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How do you say “plane” in The Witness?


Just before Christmas break, I fixed a bug in the transform manipulator and checked it in. Having a transform manipulator is a nice addition to any editor, and we were all happy to have it working. But shortly thereafter, I had to leave for a cross-country family Christmas trip. This meant no more real Witness […]

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Island Partition

This week we’ve been having discussions about how it’s almost time to move into full-on Production Mode and start cranking out final-ish 3D models and textures … following schedules, and all kinds of organized stuff like that. Up until now we have not been in that kind of work mode, because we were figuring out […]

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