Congratulations to the grant recipients!

We are pleased to announce that the grant recipients have been selected!

Congratulations to the following creators:

Anastasia Kuznetsova - Raison
AWK - Harmon:i:c
Dario Zubović - QBCO
29Games - RocketPuzzle
Asriele Aestas - Our Sky
Cyathea Tree Team - Out of Bounds Exception
David Rhee - Sticky Blocks
Nico Saraintaris - Trash Diamonds
Weird Sisters Interactive - It's a Zoo.
Ruby - SokoBunny
Skalmantas Šimėnas - Magnecopter
Andrius Mitkus - Rimtis (working title)
Jose Hernandez - Efficient Necromancy

We are excited to see how these games progress and we're looking forward to sharing updates.


  1. Excited for Sticky Blocks! The early version on David’s website is really good already.

  2. This is the key difference, and what I came to say. Yes Doomfist has high payoff potential if he assesses the situation right and makes the right moves/combos, but it’s incredibly high risk. Brigitte just throws her shield back up if she misses, no big deal.

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