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Road to E3 – Day 1

Since we have only one week to get the entry area ready before E3 I was thinking it could be interesting to have a post at the end of each day to show how we are progressing. It will balance out the high programming post count we’ve had the past few days and hopefully show a bit of […]

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Island Snapshot: What-year-is-this Edition

E3 is happening in under two weeks, so what better thing to do than to completely destroy the part of the game everyone at E3 will play, and rebuild it from scratch in very limited time? This is of course a very crude mockup of what the new starting area will be. It’s smaller than […]

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It’s been a while since we did an Island Snapshot

… so here one is.     Luis has been doing a lot of work lately on the mountain and especially the stuff at the top. Other folks have been doing a bunch of work on things that are not as obvious in this picture! Current puzzle count: 595

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More Screenshots

It’s been a long time since the last posting! Time flies. Normally I would post an Island Snapshot, but the viewpoint we have been using for Island Snapshots is a little bit unfortunate lately, since the main thing taking up the view is the mountain, which is an area we haven’t worked on modeling-wise lately. […]

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Island Snapshot

Once again, we have been mostly working on things you can’t see from this angle. The most-visible changes are probably the peninsula on the left in the foreground, which has undergone extensive work lately: It’s been revamped by Alex, who is new on the team, helping us with the huge amount of modeling we still […]

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Island Snapshot

… which doesn’t look too much different from last time’s. Partially this is because we’ve been working on things that you don’t see from this angle. Here’s a shot from a different angle:     We still have so much to do! On my end, I’ve been working for the past couple of weeks on […]

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Island Snapshot

It’s been a while since the previous post, so here’s a new island snapshot. Most of what we’ve been working on lately is not visible in this shot, though! The biggest obvious changes are probably in the forest and beach on the left-hand side.

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Island Snapshot

Can it be that we haven’t posted an island snapshot since January 3rd? Well, you got a pretty good look at the island in the trailer we recently released in conjunction with the PlayStation 4 announcement. That version has a lot of new modeling compared to the January snapshot, because we were working on the […]

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First official trailer for The Witness

as seen in today’s PlayStation 4 announcement: (Watch it in HD + fullscreen if you have the bandwidth!)

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Island Snapshot

Current puzzle count: 505.

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