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A speech about Free-to-Play game design

About a month ago, I gave a speech at Creative Mornings in Portland about the way the Free-to-Play business model affects game design. I compared games to television, looking at the way television business models have drastically affected the composition of those shows.   (I didn’t name this speech; the title given here was picked […]

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Interview about The Witness and related design topics

On January 31, 2013, Tom McShea of Gamespot interviewed me as part of their Break Room Interview series. It was an interesting conversation! Here’s the interview.

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Thoughts about App Store ‘Curation’

Last week, Jeff Grubb from VentureBeat emailed me a question for an article he was writing, prompted by Apple’s rejection of Endgame: Syria. Sometimes questions like this are good excuses for me to figure out what I really think. Jeff asked me about this part of the iOS App Store’s Developer Terms of Service: We […]

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Thoughts on Consoles and Certification Processes

Last weekend I wrote an email to Kyle Orland of Ars Technica in response to a question about an independent game’s certification troubles. That letter was quoted in this article, which was then summarized by, and is probably floating elsewhere around the internet too. The original letter went through a few examples of specific […]

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How to program independent games

On April 1, 2011, I was invited by UC Berkeley’s Computer Science Undergraduate Association to come give a speech. This was pretty interesting because that’s where I went to school, and I was once a member of the CSUA. I approached it this way: if I were going back to speak to my undergraduate self, […]

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CVG appear to be a bunch of lousy hacks.

Recently, on a visit to England, Chris Hecker and I did an interview with Edge magazine. It was a long interview where we spoke freely on many topics, while having a good time. Afterward, the interviewer and the editors of Edge did a very good job editing down the interview and distilling it into its […]

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