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Island Snapshot

We haven’t done one of these in a while. Here’s what the island looks like currently: The current puzzle count is 497. (This is lower than last time; last time was an overcount, as we had some temporary duplicates in the world that were being counted mistakenly.)

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Very Limited, Very Closed Beta

Last Wednesday night, just before Thanksgiving, we shipped our first extremely closed beta over Steam to a few limited testers. Today we shipped an update, still to the same limited group. We have some initial tech issues to work out before we go wider (game packaging issues, graphics card incompatibilities, and the like). Here’s a […]

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You know the game is coming along…

… when even your barest rough drafts seem like they’d be interesting to explore. Current puzzle count: 528.

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Post-Shrink Screenshots

As mentioned in the previous post, we shrank the island a bit. Here is what things look like now. They may not look tremendously different from this off-island vantage point, but when you are down there moving around, the difference is substantial. I feel a lot better about the layout now.

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We are going Map Crazy.

One of my primary design goals, all through development, has been to keep the island spatially small, so that there isn’t a lot of wandering through empty or pointless spaces. The idea is to take the best parts of an open-world game, involving choice, exploration and discovery, but compressing these into a maximally dense experience. […]

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Island Snapshot two-for-one

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Island Snapshot…

… from a different angle than usual.

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What a Difference a Year Makes

August 2010: September 2011: August 2012:

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Island Snapshot

You can see Ignacio’s new water in this shot (which will continue to improve, and already we have a lot of control over water visuals that we are not using yet). There’s a bunch of new audio in the game. Art folks are working on revising various areas and getting them into fully playable shape. […]

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Fun with in-engine color grading

Quite some time ago, Ignacio put some color grading features into the engine, so that you could tell the postprocessor to tweak colors in particular ways. For a while these features were very experimental; we just had them on a debug menu and there wasn’t a way to save the settings. We didn’t really use […]

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