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You know the game is coming along…

… when even your barest rough drafts seem like they’d be interesting to explore. Current puzzle count: 528.

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Post-Shrink Screenshots

As mentioned in the previous post, we shrank the island a bit. Here is what things look like now. They may not look tremendously different from this off-island vantage point, but when you are down there moving around, the difference is substantial. I feel a lot better about the layout now.

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We are going Map Crazy.

One of my primary design goals, all through development, has been to keep the island spatially small, so that there isn’t a lot of wandering through empty or pointless spaces. The idea is to take the best parts of an open-world game, involving choice, exploration and discovery, but compressing these into a maximally dense experience. […]

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Island Snapshot two-for-one

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Island Snapshot…

… from a different angle than usual.

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What a Difference a Year Makes

August 2010: September 2011: August 2012:

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Island Snapshot

You can see Ignacio’s new water in this shot (which will continue to improve, and already we have a lot of control over water visuals that we are not using yet). There’s a bunch of new audio in the game. Art folks are working on revising various areas and getting them into fully playable shape. […]

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Fun with in-engine color grading

Quite some time ago, Ignacio put some color grading features into the engine, so that you could tell the postprocessor to tweak colors in particular ways. For a while these features were very experimental; we just had them on a debug menu and there wasn’t a way to save the settings. We didn’t really use […]

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Island Update, with bonus map

It’s time for another island update: As you’ll notice, we are starting to work on that big mountain that is closest to the camera. (Finally!) This is still an early concept; it will change a lot. Ignacio recently implemented a clean way to print an overhead map of the island, in flat colors, which is […]

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Island Update

Here’s how the island looks now: The current puzzle count is 415 (I think we have been over-counting a little recently; this is a more-accurate count). In case you missed it, I did a live Q&A with Chris Hecker of Spy Party today on Kotaku. In terms of world-building, lately Luis, Shannon, Eric and Orsi […]

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