Irradiance Caching – Continued


Ignacio has posted the conclusion of his series on irradiance caching -- at long last! -- and released the source code.

This code is a significant chunk of what makes lighting in The Witness as nice as it is.



  1. Very awesome to share the code with the world!

  2. Release in 2014 or no?

    • In the latest interview with Mr Blow he said that it should release around xmas, but might wait to early 2015. I currently play a puzzle game called Sokobond. Its good enough to distract from anticipation.

  3. Would love to see a blog post about the tech used for the clouds, they look gorgeous.

  4. Hello. I was just wondering if everything was alright with the team/game? The month long absences over the last couple months is a bit odd?

    I hope everyone is well.


    • Oddkins – I’m not too concerned about them, but I have been wondering the exact same thing. Having done some technical consulting in the past for other groups engineering open world environments, given the witness team’s level of expertise and excellent development they have completed so far, they may just be doing detail stuff that they have had on the to-do list for a long time. If they have any thing that could be considered a “hurdle” (that isn’t business/IP related), my only guess would be that they are doing value engineering to make the 60 fps @ 1080 as smooth as possible. If this is the case, I would guess (and I could be 100% wrong) but they might be working out LOD triggering and stitching the environment together in a way that maintains the user’s experience as both inherently fluid yet self driven, thereby avoiding nasty frame rate hits on high detail object/audio areas. As i said, just a guess. But I believe they are probably on their to do list.

  5. *break time for all of us, who want to feast on every single detail of this game.
    we got nothing since, so long, may be, it’s time the game will be out soon.
    here’s to all who are coming here everyday and are finding no update.
    so i was listening to prodigy after a long time.

    “Breathe with me
    Breathe the pressure
    Come play my game
    I’ll test ya
    Psycho-somatic addict-insane
    Come play my game
    Inhale inhale. You’re the victim
    Come play my game
    Exhale exhale exhale”

    i keep imagining jon singing it to us all.
    a gothic version of him.
    would it be cool to see him in a music video?
    i wonder.
    no offence, sir.

    we just miss the updates. =/

  6. It’s been a month since the last update. I’m sure work has continued as usual but I’d really love to get at least some kind of info on the game’s progress!

    Can’t wait for the game already!

    -PC player

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