Road to E3 – Day 4

Getting close to the end of the week.

Most of the key detail has been added to the walls and I feel, if we had to send this build to E3, it wouldn't be terrible.
We managed to get in some really nice framing details that I won't spoil here but I'm sure players will appreciate them!
Here is a shot showing the ruined walls work.

shot_2014.06.05__time_18_10_n01Tomorrow I'll make sure I walk around a lot to hunt down any major issues, get the overall color vibe (mostly get more variation on the walls) and any extra details.


Orsi's Vegetation Update:

To give a little variation to the post today, I thought I would include some things I have been working on as well. While Luis had been working on the structures around the entry yard, I have been placing the vegetation and cables, and re-working some puzzle related things. Laying out the vegetation early on was important to give the place a sense of scale and to get the overall vibe of the place. I am very happy we got an other chance to re-do all of it, because I think it turned out much more magical this time around:


Even though it's a much smaller area than it used to be before, I used a different combination of plants in different areas, so people would be less likely to get lost:




I still have polish to do, to match everything to the walls Luis finalizes tomorrow, and then we should be ready for E3!




  1. Looks absolutely stunning. Can we expect any E3 gameplay trailers?

  2. I very much like the style of tree trunk in these screenshots of having distinct angular shapes as opposed to the smoother look present in earlier screenshots.


  3. This game looks like absolute genius. Will PS4 owners get a demo before release?

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