Road to E3 – Day 3

This was a very productive day but visually less noticeable.
A lot of "invisible' stuff got done like collision and occluders to make the area decently playable:

shot_2014.06.04__time_18_33_n03The center building is now complete and we got the layout for the ruined walls so the major task for tomorrow is to get them all detailed (very time consuming!)


And finally some new interior spaces that you can't really see from the previous angles.



Orsi is in charge of the vegetation (she is amazing at it) so that is one big chunk of work I don't have to worry about!
I'll be aiming to have everything done by tomorrow so I can use Friday for polishing and any major issues that I might have missed.




  1. I was wondering what it was that motivated the decision to go from the stark contempory design of the starting building to this new weathered stone version – not that I don’t like this new one. Did it just not fit with the stone walls that surrounded it?

    Awesome stuff, as always.

  2. Beautiful work, I like how this area is progressing….but, where’s the Witness Wednesday?

  3. Wow, that’s coming together really fast. The new start building looks great, love the wooden planks.

    (Also, yay for daily updates!)

  4. Once again, good luck!

    Looking forward to hearing all the (hopefully) positive impressions from the press.

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