New trailer and interviews!

Hey look! A new trailer!

Here's my update on the PlayStation Blog.

Also, we have some interviews and previews of the game:

Ars Technica
PlayStation Blog

The PlayStation Blogcast had a nice ten-minute discussion of the game.


  1. It sure is quiet around here since the release date dropped.
    74 days left! Get hyped! :D

  2. Just wondering, what is your process for releasing? Are you guys through cert with a release candidate now? Or just confident you can get through cert before Jan 26th. Really looking forward to the puzzles.

  3. I’m sure this will be mentioned sometime soon anyway, but I’m curious about the system requirements to play this on PC without any performance hiccups. This is a game I’d actually go buy a PS4 for if I knew in advance my PC wasn’t going to be up to it.

  4. When will it be available in Hong Kong PS4 store?

  5. Hi Jonathan Blow and the rest of your talented crew,

    Wasn’t sure how to get this message across but I just wanted to thank you all for making such a great experience. You all did a great job and I’m glad games like this can exist in the industry. Still stuck on some puzzles but I’m looking forward to completing it!

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