Help Us Get The Witness on iOS!

If you are looking for 2-3 months of straightforward contract work, are excellent at optimizing art assets in Maya, can pick up workflows quickly and have good attention to detail, then we are looking for you! We are planning on shipping The Witness on iOS in a few months, but still have a lot of optimization work to get done.

Familiarity with The Witness is obviously a plus, as it is a very intricate game with a lot of gameplay-relevant details. Being able to work in-office in our San Francisco studio would also be nice, but is not required if you are really good at communicating long distance.

Please only apply if you have shipped games before and have a good idea of the optimiziation process, we do not have time to bring someone inexperienced into the fold!

Send resumes/portfolios to


  1. Yay, an iOS update! (Not the best, but better than nothing.)
    So you guys are going full real time 3D for this? Pretty ambitious; wasn’t expecting that. Can’t wait to be in “a few months” to see how it turns out. (september?)

    Good luck bringing those polycounts/UVs/draw calls/whatever down!

  2. Are you and your tech team planning to release a Nintendo Switch version of the witness?? I love the game so much and I cannot wait to play the game again other than pc and PS4 on NS. Is that possible??

  3. I would also buy the game again if it came out on switch – would love to have a truly portable version of The Witness..

  4. The iOS copy of “The Witness” is coming in 2017???
    Hot DIGGETY!

  5. Hi Jonathan,

    The Witness is probably the most intellectually elegant game ever made. It’s an incredible experience on many levels with breathtaking moments I will never forget. Thank you for creating this unparalleled masterpiece.

    I hope you don’t mind my feedback on touch controls: Seeing the iPad demo of The Witness, I wonder why a double-tap is needed to change the player’s location. A short tap (when defined as a touch having a sufficiently small temporal and spatial distance measured between the “touchesBegan” and “touchesEnded” events) looks like a more elegant and convenient solution to move the player. In my game prototypes, the translational and rotational navigation controls did not interfere with each other.

    Thank you for your time,

  6. Bought, installed, but crashes on startup on iPad running iOS 10.3.3.

    Oh dear.

    Any suggestions?

    • We just made a blog post about the minimum requirements, I’m afraid it’s not just about the operating system but the hardware as well. Apple is proactively refunding the price for people who bought it for incompatible devices, so I hope it wasn’t too much of an inconvenience! If you don’t get a refund soon, you can reference this message and contact Apple.

  7. Now that this is out — nice job on the release here! Other than a very few of the puzzles being a tad finicky to input, this translation feels very faithful. Going into and out of puzzle mode feels just as intuitive as it does on PC, and the touch-to-move controls are extremely well-done.

    And HOLY COW that price point. Can’t beat it!

  8. Britt-Marie Axelsson

    I bought The Witness for my new iPad Pro 10,5 but have not been able to download it. Apple has refunded the money without problem.
    But the problem remains: I would like to have TheWitness.
    Should I try to buy it once more?
    Thank you for your answer!

    • The only issue we’ve encountered regarding people not being able to download the game on compatible devices is due to not having enough space on their device. We estimate Apple requires about double the space needed to download the game as the game actually is. It’s a bit frustrating that Apple doesn’t give you that error message when trying to download…apologies for the inconvenience! Temporarily freeing up some more space would almost definitely let you download. Hope you manage to play…it is also available on PC, Mac, PS4 and Xbox One, in case you want to try one of those platforms!

  9. ( ˃᷄˶˶̫˶˂᷅ )

    We need NS version _(:з」∠)_

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