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How do you say “plane” in The Witness?


Just before Christmas break, I fixed a bug in the transform manipulator and checked it in. Having a transform manipulator is a nice addition to any editor, and we were all happy to have it working. But shortly thereafter, I had to leave for a cross-country family Christmas trip. This meant no more real Witness […]

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A Cliffside Cliffhanger


This is a little mystery about a rock that refused to move. The rock lives off the coast of The Witness, just beyond the desert cliffs: I do not know who made this rock or how long it has been there, but when I first happened upon it, I found that it resides in a […]

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Finding and Fixing a Five Second Stall


The great thing about programming on Windows is that it is the only commercially viable platform where you can ship software to users without getting approval from a giant bureaucracy (well, perhaps I should say it used to be). The not-so-great thing about programming on Windows is that, well, the Windows API is a horrific […]

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Mapping the Island’s Walkable Surfaces


Despite not even being finished, The Witness is already one of my all-time favorite games. I’ve been playing it since Jon started developing it several years ago, and I could not be more excited about its upcoming release. Unlike Jon’s previous game Braid, the asset and programming scale for The Witness is much further toward […]

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