Welcome to the development blog for The Witness.

The Witness is a game in development, designed and produced by Jonathan Blow, designer of the critically-acclaimed game Braid.  There's a small team working on the game, and over time this blog will introduce you to them and provide a bit more insight into the development process.

Many people have been asking for more details about the game, so I thought it might be nice to kick things off with some concept art... in the next post.

Welcome, and thanks for your time and attention!



  1. Is there a feed for comments? (Overall, not just per-post feeds.) I didn’t see one, and I’m too lazy to try guessing the URL.

  2. I don’t see a way to do it right now… but there was one in the Braid blog theme, right? Hopefully I can figure out how to get one in here; it’s on my todo list.

  3. Comments RSS has been added… but I inserted it directly into the comments.php of my WordPress theme, so it will get blown away if I ever upgrade the theme. Does anyone know how to do this in a more generalized way?

  4. Thanks! Next task is to figure out how to make it keep more than ten comments at a time, or else refresh often enough that it doesn’t miss comments. Or, just post less comment-worthy content. :)

  5. Apparently it’s a hidden option. I changed it to 100. Does it work?

  6. taurus82 (PSN ID)

    “to be released on multiple platforms” is PS3 one of these?

  7. Please, for Playstation Network too!

  8. Jonathan

    Glad to finally get some news on The Witness!

    It’s a game I’ll follow with great interest. You have a lot of fans hungry for information and insight.

    Best of luck and godspeed.

  9. I agree with the previous posts.
    I would really like to see it come on the playstation network

  10. The prose on the introduction is taken from verse 153/154 spoken by the Buddha at the moment when he became enlightened, is that correct? This wouldn’t have been chosen without a great deal of thought. I expect the game will takes us through a similiar journey.

  11. Hey Jon,

    First off, HUGE props on Braid. I cant stop playing it even though i know how to solve all the puzzles. I ordered it on PS3 and Xbox360 because i’m an achievement junkie haha. Anyways, Im excited about The Witness. The screenshots look awesome! How you think of these types of puzzles is beyond me! Keep up the great work.


  12. Hello, my name is Rodrigo, my english isn’t the best but
    i’m really like your game, and i don’t know what it’s
    the story yet,
    i’m fascinated with Braid i can’t play every single day i don’t make bored me
    it’s perfect (at least for me), i like indie games, but indie it’s just a way of make a game,
    that’s what the people sometimes don’t understand, and after play Braid, i played games like “VVVVV”,”everyday shooter”,”Osmos”, “Windosill”, etc, and the curious thing; in your blog are some of those games posted, i really think The Witness will no disappoint me. I like videogames, and Braid make me follow that road, i’m studing those kind of things, in this point just know some things about C++,C#,OpenGL,3DSMAX, Image Edition, etc, i’m not an expert, but trust me my goal it’s make a game better than Braid, at least The Witness be better than Braid :D (i hope so).
    I’m a student from Monterrey,México, and i hope you read this comment, thanks.
    PD: sorry for my english (Google help).

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