Island Snapshot

The addition of the recently-discussed terrain editing code means that we can start giving the island more shape and character, in a natural way.  This is early yet...


  1. Nice work.

    At first I was thinking: “Wow – that road looks an awful lot like the number 3” and then I realized you still had the (x, y) coordinates turned on.

    … Or is that part of the puzzle.

    Looking forward to further updates.

  2. you were taliking about building games araound technical problems in game design. i was wandering if the problem you were trying to solve by making this game was shadows or mapping, or 3D as a whole… :/

  3. This is actually starting to look really nice. I really appreciate this very early, technical blogging style.

    I was wondering if you could make a credit list of the people currently working on the game? It would be nice to check out their work before this project to get a better idea of their possible intentions with the game. So far (and I am pretty sure that I have not missed anything although it is a possibility) I have only seen two names: Jonathan Blow and Ignacio and as far as I know there was supposed to be a real team, right?

  4. I remember when I was 11, I had a school project and that project was to design an island.
    I set to work designing what I thought was a pretty awesome island, in fact when I look at your island it instantly brought back memories of the island I had designed, the reason for this i feel is the islands shape. My teacher gave me some advice that hurt my feelings but was in my mind 100% correct, that advice was that islands are not square.

  5. It’s a work in progress, jimmmy.

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