Pre-Order Widget Test

If this works we will put it on the front page pretty soon. This is for getting the game from the Humble Store.


  1. It works, just placed an order.
    Really looking forward to trying it out!

  2. I may have ordered through the Humble Store if I knew about the charity thing, but this website was down when I discovered The Witness was available for pre-order and so I immediately ordered it from Steam where I buy most of my PC/Linux games… Since this is the only game I have highly anticipated for quite a while now, I kind of hope it will get released in the evening. Otherwise I will have a hard time concentrating on work that day… Haha, jk, well sort of. I do feel that way, but I don’t really think my personal feelings on this should dictate anything… just really excited :D

  3. As soon as I can I swear this is the first thing I’m buying. And from the Humble Store because 1) malaria charity and 2) DRM-free. Can’t wait!!!

  4. What are the recommended hardware specs for the game to play in 4k?

    I have a GTX 970, hope it’s enough :S

  5. Is this widget drm free? It shows steam.

    • AFTER you pay and get to the KEY page, it will ask you (before showing any key), if you want DRM-free or Steam version. Then, it will ask you, if you’re sure, and explain that this choice cannot be changed later. Once you confirm, there is no turning back.

      I got the DRM-free version like this (awaiting the email on January 26th with download/install instructions).

  6. Seems to be working…

  7. Korean also included in Humble Store purchased key?

  8. Congratulations on what seem like the last few milestones. Could you tell us if there’s a trophy list or not, more importantly whether or not it has a platinum. I never cared, and will turn off notifications regardless, but I think it’s a fairly relevant topic

  9. I have put the widget on the front page at now!

  10. There is a platinum trophy on the PS4, yes.

  11. The time has come Bros, Ladybros, Bropeeps and Brofolk…


    … it’ll be anything but MEDIOCRE!

    : )

  12. I feel quite stupid for having it immediately bought on Steam now.

  13. Wednesday I’m taking a day off, just to play The Witness.

  14. Any plans for physical versions? I’d like to own one.

  15. Is it possible to just tip and not purchase the game? I already grabbed it on Steam but I would have loved to throw in a tip.

    With the amount of time and money poured into this game that we FINALLY ;) get to experience, I like the idea of tipping.

  16. Hello.

    Is there any difference between buying the game on the humble store or from the widget?

  17. Great o/. I always like to pass through widgets to buy games since devs get (after payment fees) 95%.

    Have a nice release and keep it up ;).

  18. Will the game be featured in the “new releases” section in the PlayStation store?

  19. Is there going to be a Mac version down the road? I’d really like to actually be able to play this game and not just watch it from the sidelines. Thanks!

  20. I have three computers (one desktop and two notebooks). How many copies do I have to buy? Is my brother allowed to play Witness on the desktop while I am playing it on one of the notebooks. (We want to race with each other in solving the puzzles.)

  21. Steam says that controller compatibility is partial. Any idea what that means?

    • It means we have a launcher where you can pick settings, and according to Steam’s rules if you have that you can’t say Full Controller Support.

  22. When will the game be available to download on PS4? Tonight at midnight or tomorrow after a PSN update?

  23. Congrats to Jonathan Blow and the rest of the team on launch. You have been a great inspiration on a project I have been working on for 2+ years.

    This looks fantastic and will be playing it soon.

    • Hi Mr. Blow,

      First, congrats on the impending release of The Witness! It’s been a long road, and I imagine it must be immensely gratifying now.

      My intention is to buy Windows 10 with my next paycheck and use it for The Witness on my MacBook Pro via Bootcamp.

      Steam’s website suggested that the download is ~4GB. Can you comment on the file size of the game once unpacked and installed? I’d like to ensure that I allocate enough space to the Windows partition. I’m guessing that ~15GB should be enough?

      Thank you!

      • The size is about 4GB; I am not sure how much more space Steam requires for an install of that size.
        *However*, also keep in mind that Windows itself is pretty big. And that you probably want some room for swap space. etc.

  24. Will updates be pushed to both the Humble Store version and the Steam build at the same time? Just wondering which version to order as I’d prefer a DRM-free copy but I will get the Steam version if it will be updated more regularly. Nothing like a million players to uncover pesky bugs that made it past the QC process.


  25. Hi. I bought the game from Humble Store, downloaded and installed it. When I try to run it, nothing happens. (Mouse cursor spins for a second then goes back to normal.) Any ideas?

    Is there a support contact or forum for the game? It didn’t come with a manual.

    • We made a goof when putting up this package .. try right-clicking and selecting Run as Administrator. This should work…

      We will update the package soon with a new one that fixes this (but it is taking a bit because we are fixing other things too).

  26. Can someone please tell how updating (applying the patches) work with the humble version of the game? Will there be incremental patches, or the whole package needs to be installed anew? Thanks.

    • I would like to know this too. I usually buy through steam but liked the idea of DRM free through humble so picked that option rather than the available steam key but what do I do now about game updates?

  27. Please release on the mac, waiting to play!!!

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