The Witness is out on the Xbox One!

I should have posted this several days ago, but we have been busy with launch stuff!

If you have an Xbox One, you can play The Witness there! Unless you are in Australia or New Zealand ... in which case we need to get the ratings stuff pushed through. We are working on that.


  1. When we can expect mac or ios version ?

  2. Thanks I am in New Zealand and eagerly waiting.

  3. My gamertag is OdadjianActual. I’ve been really enjoying this game on XB1… phenomenal experience. Thanks to the whole team at Thekla and to Jonathan Blow.

  4. As an Australian, I want to say: sorry our rating system sucks so much.

  5. Christ, The Witness is awesome. So far I’ve finally activated the seven you-know-whats and then entered the inside of the mountaintop. There’s more?!?!?!

    I had to go to work… But I can’t wait to get back home and solve puzzles in the mountaintop.

    To all of Thekla – thanks so much for porting this to XB1, and for making possibly the best game ever made.

    By the way, when I found my first “bee-hive” diagram, took it to the Windmill’s underground bunker, and realized what it does, I was very impressed. I mean when I activate those suckers, I just sit back and get educated. Loved Feynman especially.

  6. Whoops, I meant honeycomb diagram, not bee-hive. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  7. Is there a place to report bugs for the Xbox One version?

  8. If I bought The Witness in January for PC and have loved it all year, any chance of a discount to be able to play through again on the Xbox? Wonderful, brilliant game!

  9. As an Australian, I am still eagerly waiting for this game to appear on the Australian Xbox store. Is there any sign that it will be available or should I just lose all hope?

    • Look, as far as we are concerned, we would just like to push the button and release the game. However, we can’t do that, Microsoft requires us to be rated locally, and that process seems to be very slow. There is not really anything we can do to make it go faster. It will happen eventually. If it were up to us, the game would have been released in Australia and New Zealand at the same time as with the rest of the world, just as it was on Steam and the PS4.

  10. Also eagerly awaiting this to be released on the Xbox Australia store. Do you guys have at least a rough timeframe of when the rating process will be completed and the game will be released for us Aussies?

    Even as rough as: Within the next 2 weeks, or December 2016 etc etc.

    • We have submitted the rating materials (even getting to that point took a while). Now it’s purely just up to them.

      • It appears the Australian Classification Board classified the game on 26 October 2016. Surely it will not take too much longer to make it available on the Xbox One Australia Store?

  11. Would love to see it being part of Play Anywhere, which would give a Xbox One player also access to the game on PC. But other then that, looking forward to playing it on the Xbox!

  12. Is there any information on a Mac version? If you had to guess, what are the chances that they’ll be one at all?

  13. Still waiting for an iOS version, as to me that seems to be the most natural fit for a game like this, yet it seems to have disappeared into development hell. As time goes on, I also lose hope that it’ll work on an iPad 2. Oh well!

  14. Hi

    Since it’s release for XBox One, are there any plans of bring it to Windows through the Windows Store?

  15. Hi Jonathan I see that the patch was released for the PS4 Pro. Any word on whether an HDR update will be coming to the Xbox One S?

    • I am also interested to know if Xbox One will be getting an HDR patch. I just got the Xbox One S and a Samsung KS8000 and am now in love with HDR gaming. I’ve heard many great things about The Witness but HDR news will be the deciding factor for me in picking up the Xbox One version.

    • +1 for HDR support. I already purchased my copy, but I haven’t spun it up yet (looks like Xmas break will be when I dig in). Any chance, given the similar work on the PS4 Pro, that the XB1S will get HDR in the foreseeable future?

  16. I cannot find it on Hong Kong XBOX ONE Store, would you please check?

    • Unfortunately we are not released in Asia on Xbox One because of ratings + business territory issues! Sorry about that!

      • Thanks for the reply.
        Hong Kong market shouldn’t need rating ….
        But anyway, thank you for quick reply.
        I will find a way to buy in US market or steam…

  17. I purchased this game for XB1. It doesn’t work with game streaming feature of the Xbox App. The game will load from console and stream to the App in Windows 10, but the game doesn’t recognize input from my XB1 controller when streaming. I have not encountered this problem with any other games.

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