The PS4 patch is out!

With PS4 Pro and HDR support!

(That is all!)


  1. Sweet. It broke subtitles though :(

  2. Thank you so much!!

  3. So glad you guys spent the time to make the best possible experience for this game! Looks great, keep it up!

  4. Thank you! But is there an option to use the super sampled image quality if you only own an 1080p monitor?

    Anyway: great game and one of the few that will stay with me my whole life.

  5. Yea subtitles don’t seem to work in any of the pro modes. (1440p for sure)

    • English subtitles are currently broken; other languages work. We’re going to patch it but we don’t want to rush the patch out and accidentally break something!

  6. Thank you for your work on the Pro patch and for releasing it this quickly! And thank you for implementing the different display modes, because now I can _see_ what the difference between these is and select the one that _I_ like best.

  7. Hello, I am seeing severe color banding issues with HDR on, particularly when looking back down the stair in the very beginning of the game. TV is set-up properly for HDR.

    How it should look (SDR):

    What I am getting:

  8. How long will it be before the iOS patch is finished?

  9. Does PS4 pro output 1440p on 1440p monitors?

  10. Great to see the care and support of the game on PS4, especially with bringing new features.

    Out of curiosity, should Xbox One players be looking forward to an HDR update as well?

  11. Any chance this could come out for the iOS soon? Thanks.

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