Braid: A Movement Piece

The Chaparral High School Alumni Theatre’s production of Braid: A Movement Piece during the summer of 2010. Using a unique combination of content movement and contact improvisation dance techniques, Braid follows the story of young scientist Tim on his quest to find a Princess.


  1. I watched a little and I have to say it seemed bizarre, but still interesting.

    I wish their was an explanation somewhere of who thought this up and more importantly, how they convinced other people to be in it. Not that it isn’t an interesting idea, but I imagine it would be a tough sell.

    As a side note, I feel they should have gone with a different font, and Tim’s reaction in part 5 to walking along the timeline was about the same as my reaction at first, too.

  2. Haha great wish I could see it live

  3. lol, nice.
    My HS never did anything this cool.

  4. Wait, Braid had a story?

  5. I bet you where pretty happy when you saw this, you must have been, really exited that your game inspired something like this and all the talk it has sparked. It must be really exiting… see! One person can make a difference! One person can leave a mark! One single human being can make a change and inspire generations.

    I wonder how these influence the creation of your future games.

    My mother told me I can’t make a difference, my father told me I’ll never leave a mark. That when we die we wont be remembered, that art is a drug to escape our true senses, that we wont be as good as old poets or don’t think of anything but sex b/c we are so young, that we can’t achieve greater thought to make people aware or interested in an idea. When I grow up I want to be like you.

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