Island Paint-Over

Shannon just did our first draft of a paint job on the island terrain.  These are still very much placeholder graphics, but it is starting to look reasonable, with the exception of the ugly green area in the foreground!

We'll be working on that ugly green area soon...


  1. Good to see progress on your guys game :-D

  2. great progress!

  3. I wonder if it will be in third person or in first person.

  4. Camera in the sky! It would be cool if you could render that view as a webcam type feed online. Or maybe you could just take a snapshot or two every day and animate the island’s growth over time.

  5. when will you talk about gameplay? after all you say that’s what games are all about. all we know so far is that you are gona have us do mazes in some sort of touch screen, you can’t based your whole game on that, can you?

  6. a, you want him to ruin the game for you now? come on, have a little gaming spirit!

  7. Maybe the game is about being sucky and boring!!!

  8. even if it is about that i’ll buy it… b/c i liked Inception

  9. i made you like inception by going four dreams deep and planting the idea that life isn’t real, only video games and movies

  10. Can i haz update? :'(

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