Island Update

The past week has been a very productive time in terms of world-building. The island has been shrunk further, with several of the locations that used to be further to the right moved inward. The white-walled location from last time used to be a standalone structure, but is now built into the side of that plateau nearest the camera, and has a new structure next to it. One of the prominent garden areas has been redesigned; you may notice it a bit to the left of the center of the map. On top of all this, a new underground area has been added, and I really like some of the puzzles in there.

When the new area gets finished gameplay-wise I will post some shots of that.

Up next: adding more puzzles!


  1. I’m torn between wanting to see more of the world and waiting in case I accidentally spoil some of the experience of seeing the game for the first time when it gets released.

    Must be tough to tread the line between showing your work and unintentionally revealing too much of the game.

    All the best

  2. Really cool! Is there a new structure all the way in the back too, or is that just an artifact of the view angle?

  3. The green stuff? That’s a new structure (unfinished. It probably won’t be green in the end!)

  4. I can’t even explain how much I want to play this! I’m almost depressed that I ever heard about it so early in development since now it just makes me want it more. I’ve gotta tell you, the island is looking better and better every time (obviously) but I’m impressed just how tightened up it’s become since I first saw an image of it. You guys are clearly doing a fantastic job.

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