Recent coverage of The Witness:

Interview with Adam Sessler at last week's PlayStation event:


Discussion on PlayStation Blogcast (Witness talk starts around 26:25):

(From the way the PS guys talk, it sounds like it is all me making this game, but as always on games of this size, there is a whole team making it happen!)

Interview with Gametrailers, also from the PlayStation event (you may have to sit through a commercial with army dudes to see it):


  1. I wish it were ready!

  2. Fantastic! Thank you kindly for all the interview links. It’s been so long since I’ve really been excited to play a game but I’m very much looking forward to enjoying The Witness. Many of us are in your corner.

  3. I’m so excited/and I just can’t hide it/I’m about to lose control/and I think I like it

  4. Adam Sessler rocks! :)

    (So do you, Jon.)

  5. Is there going to be a beta?

  6. One of the things I really liked about Braid is that, it is not just a game about solving puzzles, but also a short book with insightful philosophical messages which makes one think about aspects of one´s life. So, my question is : Is The Witness an intellectual game about solving puzzles exclusively? Is there any message? will I learn new things, will this game say anything interenting to think about?

    Don´t get me wrong, solving puzzles is great but, I would be a little disappointed if this game is only about: solve puzzle 1, then puzzle 2, 3, 4…500: you win!

    • Jonathan has said that you can indeed solve the game and ignore the storyline as you could in Braid, but that there’s also a whole lot more there for players if they look deeper. Your question is a valid one, but I mean c’mon, does Jonathan seem like the kind of person who makes something without a real purpose? This is also a 30 hour game as opposed to Braid’s 5 hours, so I seriously doubt he’d make something that was lesser in size philosophically. I mean even if you just watch the trailer for the game or look at the screenshots, it all just oozes with something that seems larger than life about it.

      • I’m just very curious about how you’re going to pass these messages nonverbally. Oh god, I thought I couldn’t get more excited for this game!

  7. Content content content :D

  8. As someone who has been following The Witness from the first blog post to today, it’s remarkable how much I have learned about it through the years, yet how little I know about it!

    This is a good thing, as I intend to play it as “cold” as I can, despite my eagerness for new details. It also speaks to how carefully aspects have been revealed here, and in preview trailers / interviews / videos, without spoiling the experience. Thank you!

  9. I have a question about movement. I realize that the island is not huge and that exploration is a large part of the gameplay. However, after playing games like Red Dead or other large map games, I welcomed the “warp” feature where you could sort of jump to places if you were in a hurry to get back to some place. i.e. In the Witness, I’m trying to solve a puzzle in area “w” and realize that I didn’t finish the puzzles in area “a” that might help me solve the one I’m stuck on, but I don’t really want to walk all the way back just to get on with trying to solve those puzzles in area “w”.

    On another note, I like all the videos which show the island from a cloud view, where you can see everything from a “no clip” perspective in the sky. Since I assume the player will be grounded in the final version of the game, it would be cool to include a “warping” “no clip” feature. Like, I’m in area “w” in draw mode, I click say, triangle and I can “fly” over to area “a” and enter draw mode at that area to quickly engage those puzzles, then can triangle out of draw mode there and “fly” back to area “w” and be on my way. I also would get to enjoy an aerial view of the island that I can control which seems so cool from all the videos shown thus far in debug mode… While obviously not the preferred method of gameplay, this could be beneficial to those in a hurry trying to get some puzzles in as well as giving the player a method of accessing the floating viewpoint that looks cool.

  10. Sorry for the unrelated comment, but just wanted to let you know that the ‘sign up’ for the mailing list option says ‘A confirmation email has been sent to __’ — but no confirmation email comes through (not to the junk mail folder, either); tried twice, yesterday & today.
    Just alerting in case the mailing list isn’t working correctly or saving new additions. Definitely want to hear when it’s out!
    Best wishes –

  11. Oh how I wish it could come to PC! I’ve never owned a console in my life and I’m not sure I’d buy one just to play this game. Loved Braid!

    Will this game also have a speedrun mode?

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