What could it mean??





  1. Stereoscopic 3D? But that doesn’t seem quite right.

  2. Spot the difference puzzles! I love those.

  3. I’m going with Occulus Rift support.

  4. Looks like Oculus support to me!

  5. my money is on oculus rift support

  6. It means I may need to buy an oculus. :D

  7. That’s stereoscopic 3D… cross your eyes until the images overlap, and you can see the scenes in 3D! Also, the image names are “vr1” and “vr2” – for “Virtual Reality”? As if I weren’t excited enough for this game as it is… Awesome!

  8. It means Sony’s been working on their own Oculus Rift-style VR headset? And The Witness will be a compatible title?

  9. Ah, a real teaser. I imagine Jon laughing to himself. This seems connected to the fish-eye lens stuff you guys did a while back.

  10. I bet that it’s going to be pretty stunning to explore the island with an Oculus Rift…

  11. Oh thank god, this was #1 on my wishlist of Rift-compatible games! Thanks Jon and team!!!

  12. The Witness seems like the perfect for the Rift. Nice to see you guys experimenting with new technology!

  13. There’s no 3d-effect here. It looks like the images are both from the same point of view, with the left image slightly distorted – but, the distortion also doesn’t quite fit what’s necessary for the oculus. Here are my top theories:
    – They’ll be shipping the game with a bottle of rum included and distorting the images to make the experience even more surreal.
    – They’re experimenting with a series of shower curtains and do demo renderings of how they will be distorting the imagery.

    • I would assume there’s only no 3D effect here because they don’t want to overhaul the rendering pipeline to support stereo rendering until they are sure that it’s worth it.

      • All they would have to do is stand in two different locations and take two different screenshots. All they did was distort the right image; if you cross your eyes you can see it’s just a bulge.

  14. Split screen multiplayer puzzle solving?

  15. Do you have a Sony prototype of the VR glasses?
    Can’t wait to play the game in VR :) … hope there will be Rift support.

  16. If this means what I think it means, you just made me the happiest man on Earth :D The Witness will look gorgeous in Oculus Rift!

  17. Oculus Rift!!!!

  18. Oh man, I really, really hope you’re exploring the possibility of adding Rift support. I’m super hyped about this game already, but that would really put me over the top.

  19. Wow as a big fan of Braid, if The Witness had support for virtual reality on PS4 it would be incredible, I think it’s the kind of game that would take a lot of advantage of the medium, and I’m sure Jonathan would find amazing ways to use the virtual reality for some incredible puzzles!

  20. double rainbow ! [;

  21. Most likely VR (just look at the filenames). But would that mean Rift support, or would it be just for Sony’s future HMD?

  22. Well, the image file names (vr1.png and vr2.png) make it a bit too easy, don’t you think? :)

  23. Drunk effect??? :P

  24. It means LOVE!

  25. Yay, oculus rift support :D
    Or perhaps whatever strange VR thing sony were rumoured to be working on?
    I have to say, screenshots from oculus rift hurt my eyes, because I do the cross-eye trick on those side-by-side pictures, but if they’re setup for the parallel trick like that, I get an inverse depth derception. Most uncomfortable :C

  26. I’m thinking “split-screen” and “frenetic multiplayer puzzle deathmatch mode”, am I right?

    …Or the Oculus Rift.

  27. Download the pictures and they’re labeled “vr1” and “vr2.” This is definitely Virtual Reality, and that’s pretty awesome!

  28. I think it means the team is getting some entertainment watching speculation run wild. Personally, I’ll find out when I play the real thing.

  29. Of course it means Oculus Rift support.

    While I understand that Jonathon & Co. are somewhat beholden to SONY,
    “The Witness” can’t possibly be for SONY’s HMD only, as that POS stinks on ice.

    Don’t believe me?
    Go to YouTube and search: SONY VR CES 2013 & look at all the scathing reviews
    from people [particularly The Verge & WIRED] just moments after they tested it out.
    Summary: It’s like sitting in front of a big TV/Not at all immersive.
    Go on & look, you’ll see ….



  31. The Witness will be released on the Fisher-Price View-Master?


  32. damn … i have no money for a rift -.-

  33. I’m with Ulf. Whether or not this is meant to imply virtual reality, these particular images have no 3d effect except a slight distortion on the left side. I grew up with Magic Eye books, and these don’t work.

  34. I was sure this would mean Oculus Rift support but the doubt thrown in by others means I can’t tell if it’s for some other device or both.

    It does put me in a quandry. I’ve entertained the possibility of buying a Rift once they go full commercial but I don’t know how serious that wondering really is. But if my most anticipated game for the past 3 years comes out on this and is the best way to play it, then I don’t know quite what I do. Will be even more conflicted if a VR version is not with the Rift which seems to have the momentum or it doesn’t release on that on Day 1.

  35. Strange that, if it’s for 3D/VR/OR support, the images show no detectable parallax (see the branches in the foreground, for example, which should show the strongest between-eye differences and show none), and correspondingly, the images have no depth when viewed either crosseyed or walleyed. There is clearly distortion but not parallax. Both sample images show the same pattern: squeezed on the left, swollen on the right. I have no idea what this means. But it is a terrible demonstration of 3D, suggesting (because JB is not one to mess around) that it is an awesome demonstration of something else.

  36. Definitelny not oculus, can be some kind of VR, I doubt regular 3D…

  37. They do seem to be parallel 3D images (so going wall-eyed is the proper way to see it, rather than cross-eyed). I think there’s not a lot of obvious parallax because the images are cropped down / zoomed in from larger images. Everything we’re seeing is relatively far away.
    This could have been done to cut down on the obvious fish-eye that straight Oculus screenshots have, to make it harder for us to figure out! It also means that looking at the images wall-eyed on a monitor is actually viable.

  38. I don’t recommend trying to look at these crosseyed!

    The actual distortions applied to these images are not the real ones. You can think of it as just being a test of an arbitrary distortion function. When you plug in a particular VR device, the distortion gets set up to be what that device wants (which is going to look pretty different from what’s in these images). Really these images are just saying, “hey look, we made the engine able to render two views simultaneously with different camera positions and distortions.”

    (There may also have been a bug in these shots that put the cameras too close together, anyway!)

    • I was about to say, ignoring the obvious distortion differences, the viewpoints are very similar (seem to have the same near vs. far overlaps for each object)

    • Terrific — and ties up the seeming oddities nicely. Now on to the haptic feedback for apple blossoms brushing against your cheek as you walk past, right?

    • @Jonathan: Do you plan to add 3D TV support for PS4? Now there is only Trine 2 supporting native stereoscopic 3D :)

      • I don’t like 3D TV; I do not think there is any point to it.

        • Well if you compare 3DTV to VR, than yes… but I personally enjoyed Assasins Creed 3 on PS3 in 3D mode, especially when I was in bigger forest areas..

          I understand and respect your opinions, but its such a shame that you dont include it since your engine more or less supports it.. of course it wont stop me from buying your game ;)

          Anyway, thank you very much for your comment! :)

  39. Why is the left side wider than the right?

  40. The Witness is exactly the type of game that the Rift needs.
    I’m excited! It might be the deciding factor for me in getting one.

  41. Occulus rift support.

  42. Post-processing in CPU?

  43. I wouldn’t say there is ‘no point’ in 3D in it’s current forms (Terry Cavanagh’s game “Naya’s Quest” could be used to make an argument for 3D. Or more obviously Mario 3D Land). But I think for most games you sacrifice too much for the small amount you do gain. When someone works out how to display the whole light-field, THAT will be interesting.

    • Interestingly enough, a working prototype of a refocusable display called a Near-Eye Light Field Display has been built by a researcher with NVidia. Unfortunately the main difficulty comes from that it condenses a high resolution display down into a much lower effective resolution in order to achieve the effect. So in order to have even 1080p refocusable, you’d need close to a whopping 15,000×8,000 source display image, which is well out of reach of anything resembling consumer hardware for the foreseeable future. But we can always dream. (Here’s hoping VR takes off pretty well.)


      • I can’t believe I hadn’t seen this yet! Thanks so much for posting. I am beyond excited lol. I didn’t know enough about optics to know if this was possible or not so it’s awesome to see that someone has actually done it (and that they work for nVidia!!).

        Unless I’m missing something, this comes very close to completely solving 3D display. The only thing we need to do now is make displays with ridiculously high resolutions :P Although that will happen with time so I’m not worried :)

  44. Thank you guys for posting these stereogram images in cross-eyes viewing format instead of parallel.
    It’s much easier to view on my monitor that way ;)

  45. This means that you have finally finished modeling the main character and had to make some minor changes for him. Am I right?

  46. That’s Oculus Rift support if I’ve ever seen it…

  47. Hamilton Júnior

    Oculus Rift!!!

  48. It looks like a pair of eyes, and from the top picture, it seems like an outset perception of the castle’s eyes (external looking in). Where as the bottom looks like the perception of the entity behind the eyes (internal looking out). Eyes are suppose to represent the window of the soul. . . and it seems (if Karl Jaspers isn’t rubbing off on me, lol) that the castle’s internal perception seems large and open, whereas the external perception of the viewer looking at the castle may seem very confined and limited due to external sensory perception? I don’t know, I was looking at it symbolically or with a speculative mind, it could simply be the difference between ports, lol I don’t know??? but that’s my inference at face value.

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