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Hey there! Lately I've been seeing a lot of requests from people who want to buy framed panels, like the ones we have hanging in our office. We talked a little bit about how we might sell these with Jon, but decided it would be best to just release the images we used to print ours for free, and that way peeps can print their own however they like.

An important suggestion would be to print these on semi-glossy or glossy paper, as the colors tend to turn out completely faded on regular paper. Back when we were printing these, Luis tweaked the colors for some so they look better printed, so they might not be completely accurate on a monitor, but should look nice on paper.

Also, we just went to a nearby art store and picked out a bunch of square frames. We got mostly 8x8 inch and a couple of 12x12 inch ones. Most of the frames were just minimal black plastic, and only cost about $6, if I remember correctly, but we got nicer ones for a couple of the 12x12 ones, like the boat panel. You could probably even make Witness monitor style frames for them if you are crazy enough, that would be fun to see!

Here are the files we used:

Panels_16 Panels_7 Panels_6 Panels_19 Panels_3 Panels_4 Panels_5 Panels_10 Panels_1 Panels_17 Panels_15 Panels_14 Panels_13 Panels_12 Panels_11 Panels_9 Panels_8 Panels_18 Panels_2 Panels_20 Panels_Map


  1. Hmm, the island map you posted looks like it might be an older version? It has a different puzzle in the entry yard. ( – oh and another super minor nitpick: the entry yard drawing next to it is also a slightly different colour than the other drawings.

  2. Awesome! Thanks for releasing these!

    I wouldn’t buy one, but I’m sure some people would still want to buy printed ones from you, so you might think about setting that up and making some extra money that way. It’s a way for your fans to support you beyond just buying the game, if they want. I’m sure there are plenty of online services that could make it almost painless to do.

  3. I agree, I’d buy ‘official’ prints if they were available – I just got one of the vertical banners printed and it looks great on the wall.

    Does anyone know if a high res version of the right hand poster from is available anywhere? I’m printing up a few others, but I really like how that one looks.

    Thanks for the great puzzles and artwork!

  4. Hey guys, thanks A LOT for these!!! I just wanted to ask, any chance we can get vectors of all the puzzles? Or vectors of some harder puzzles? I’d love you guys forever (as if I already don’t)!

  5. Why the print file is so clear / gray than the original image ? It looks like ” roll over “

  6. Have you got any plans to make a Witness theme park, complete with working panels, connections and puzzles!!!

  7. If you want them printed, framed, and shipped to you, head over to

  8. Guys playing on ps4. can you please sort out the the little jerk movement just before stop walking.

    It’s it is really grating and is contributing to the motion sickness that people are complaining about. There should be a small, subtle smooth transition to zero velocity when stick centered.

    Also if you could properly map walk speed to analogue and also properly map look around speed to analog as there seems to be an inconsistent jump in look speed at about 50pc stick.

    Experience is being spoilt by these little easily fixed control issues.


    • There is a small, subtle smooth transition to zero velocity when the stick is centered. At least, there is supposed to be. If you are seeing something else, then something weird is going on.

      Also, walk speed is mapped to analogue. As is look-around speed. It is not a linear mapping, though.

      See, the thing is, you seem to have a very strong opinion about what is right, but reality doesn’t work that way.

      • Is that also true for pc version when playing with gamepad? I had no problems with the controls at all (in fact the whole experience of playing the game has been sublime) but I didn’t notice analogue walk speeds. Sometimes it would be nice to be able walk a little slower maybe? I wouldn’t normally walk as quickly inside as out for example. But maybe that doesn’t matter.

  9. I don’t entertain opinions, they are generally a waste of time and signify an absence of fact.

    Anyway back on point. It must be then that there is a bug that is messing up the controls. It is possible that this has crept in after a while as I didnt notice it at the start. I have reset a number of times to make sure and have repeated results with 3 different controllers.

    I am at work now but tonight I will do a video capture on ps4 and stick it on drive and post the link.


    • Just as I am uploading. To confirm. as you should see in video.

      1) there is a slight jump in look speed around 50% stick. Admittedly this is subtle and may be down to the limited mechanics of the stick. This is No biggie.

      Main points

      2) there is no analog mapping of walk speed. I cannot control walk speed at all. Even at 1% stick the velocity allways quickly accelerates to a set walk speed that cannot be changed.

      3) as you can see there is no smooth transition to zero velocity. There is a sharp juddering stop. This is compounded by the set acceleration to set walk speed.


      link to follow.

  10. Any news about a physical release?

  11. I was kind of hoping to see the one used for the icon. I like the shade of blue. I’m still going to consider printing a couple.
    Thanks for doing this.

  12. This is a great idea, thanks! Definitely going to get a few printed :)

  13. Love these. Thank you very much for making them available.

    One niggle: the puzzle 2 across and 4 down doesn’t have a starting circle. Is that a mistake?

  14. These are great and I’m going to be making use of my local makespace’s large format printer :D

    Any plans to release STLs of optical illusion objects for home printing? I’d love a 3D print of the quarry face tree on my desk…

  15. I love these printable panels.

    Will we ever get an “album” with all the audio logs compiled in one place? I would love to listen to those without having to be playing the game, just to think about the quotes. I would love a legal way to get those so that I can pay you guys for your great work.

  16. I was just wondering, is there any reward for finishing all the obelisks? If there is not, could the developers please add one?

  17. I was just wondering, is there any reward for finishing all the obelisks? If there is not, could the developers please add one?

  18. Hi.

    I was wondering if you were inspired by the project Biosphere 2, while creating The Witness island. Thank you.

  19. I printed a few of these, and will need to correct some mistakes and print them again.
    1. The blue 2×2 grid one showed up purple both in the Costco print center online, and printed. (I was in a rush, so I didn’t bother to investigate the online thumbnail). I opened it in PS, and noted the CMYK color space, and switched it over to RGB, and saved it again. Looks good in the thumbnail.
    2. Several of the puzzles extend all the way to the edge of the image. My frame cuts off 1/8″ from each side, which is enough to make these look pretty bad.

  20. Thank you for the amazing game, Jonathan and your team. The Witness became one of my all time favorites. The printable panels are awesome! I’m also desperately looking for the high res version of the left most vertical banner from this picture.

    Can’t find in anywhere :(

    I would like to decorate my new aparment with panels and that vertical banner. Looks so cool, gives warm memories about the time spent in that mysterious and beautiful world.

    Thank you

  21. Hi,

    On the media page, the dropbox link to the file no longer works.
    Can you fix this or post a new link?

    Love the game!

    Thanks very much!

  22. Thank you for this great game. I just finished it yesterday after hours and hours of play. I loved every minut – also the frustrating minutes.
    Please give us more printable items – the artwork is just stunning.

  23. Fracture me. These would look great printed on glass.

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