*Edit: We found our animator! Job post changed to reflect our current needs*

We are looking for a senior character artist, full time or contract, who excels at both designing and modeling intriguing characters in any style, and can also help out with environment art if the need arises.

We would prefer applicants who are very comfortable making 3D games from white box to polished product, in Maya/Max and in-engine. If you apply, you should be someone who can work in interesting, creative styles, and have the imagination and self motivation to take an abstract mockup and turn it into something stunning and meaningful, while also paying close attention to gameplay limitations.

Good communication skills and the ability to take and incorporate critique is a must, a generally pleasant and chill nature is a plus.

We would prefer someone who is based around San Francisco and can work in the office.

Please send portfolios to


  1. I’m only useful for entry level positions, this is out of my league. I would love to help out in any way I can, I would buy a plane ticket back to my hometown of San Francisco if it means joining the team even if it’s just as an entry level assistant or volunteer.

    Let me know if they are any entry positions, I have some experience in the industry but not much and I’m also very young. It would be a dream come true to join the team and work with Jonathan.

    • I don’t work for the team, but you are going to need to provide more evidence of your enthusiasm and talent I think. With the best will in the world the team can’t look to hire someone simply on the basis of a reply to a blog post, without any further supporting information!

      Perhaps you should prepare some information including your resume, and go into detail about how you think you could benefit the team.

      Put yourself in the position of someone hiring from the other side and think about you would want to see in order to be confident, or at least willing to take a risk on hiring someone.

      • @ Andy Scott- Okay Thanks. I am very young so I don’t have much experience. I would guess I could only be helpful in low-level entry positions or internships like doing low poly art or debugging.

        Honestly if there was someone that would just be able to teach me or train me, it would be a dream come true.

        • @Justin
          I’m not part of the team, but your lack of confidence doesn’t really help your position, even if you are willing to learn. You are an artist, so act like one. It doesn’t matter if you’re young, all that matters is your work. Put together a portfolio, even if you think its crap, and show it to everybody you can for feedback. Keep drawing and keep practicing, there is guidance everywhere online only a google search away, but you’re not gonna find it if you don’t look for it yourself. You don’t need someone to train you, YOU have to take the initiative to learn and get better.

          Sorry for the rant there, it just pisses me off seeing people put themselves down like that and making excuses for their shortcomings.

  2. I take it this position is for expansions to The Witness or completely new games?

  3. I’d say I’m more of a specialist animator but I can totally help do other 3D things too if needed. I’ll work on sending you a reel! Just working on finishing my degree this spring and trying to learn max now

  4. Hi all. I am Michael and I have been in this industry for two year 2 now.
    Some of the things I specialise in:
    High to low-poly modelling and UV mapping using Maya.
    Sculpting in detail to a high poly models in Zbrush
    Creating Normal, Specular, AO, and anyother maps I may need form Maya or Xnormal
    Using Photoshop, Quixel Suite and Substance Painter to create and modify textures for PBR
    I am experienced in Unreal and I am familiar Unity

  5. Potential Witness Lover

    Are you by any chance hiring Mac/Linux/iOS developers as well any time soon? *cough*

  6. Hello! I would like to talk to Mr. Blow, if I may.

  7. Any ETA on the iPad version?

  8. We are a game team from Shanghai. Our game design philosophy is quite close to Yours. Recently we started to make a great huge game. We are eagerly wish we could cooperate or discuss with yours in some way. We don’t want to publish our plan in public pages. May I have your emails or other place where we can discuss? Thank you very much!

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