The Witness was first released a year ago. To celebrate, the game is on sale for 50% off on Steam, here: Braid is also on sale, and if you already own it, you get an extra discount on The Witness: Meanwhile, we are working on The Witness for MacOS, and it should be done pretty soon. iOS is also coming up but is a bit further in the future. Happy 2017!


  1. Happy 2017 Thekla team!

  2. Happy anniversary! I’m glad to hear the mac port is coming along.

    • Happy birthday!

      One question! If we buy now at the discount price, do we get to play the MacOS version once it’s out? I don’t have a Windows machine…

      Can’t wait to play it!! :)

  3. Is it playable by colourblind people yet?

  4. Love this game so much and I’m looking forward to the Mac and iOS version. It’s so good to hear you guys are still working on it.

  5. The Witness was my run away Game of the Year last year.

    I cannot remember being so frustrated and yet so satisfied at the same time. The puzzles were hard but they were always fair.

    (I never managed to finish the Challenge though)

  6. I cannot seem to find a support email but Steam’s app told me I needed to go direct to you. I set the Launch Options to -vr in the properties and now, even though The Witness opens the Oculus app (I have the latest), I get the message, “witness64_d3d11.exe has stopped working” and then am prompted to close the app. The app works as far as I can tell without -vr in Steam’s “Set Launch Options.” I really want to play this in VR and bought it for that purpose. Please advise.

    I am running Windows 10 (all updates current), on an Alienware Aurora R5 with 16GB Ram and a NVidia GForce 1080 and a 512mb SSD internal drive so the machine itself should be up to snuff.

    Many thanks!

    • We aren’t actively maintaining -vr, and I think the Oculus libraries have changed enough over time that our code is no longer compatible.
      We may update the vr option in the future, but it was never officially supported, just more like a toy for people to play with a little. We definitely do not recommend trying to play the game that way (Especially now that people are reporting it no longer works on the Rift.)

  7. If I buy the game on Steam, and then it later becomes available for Mac, will my Steam copy work, or will I have to re-buy? (I’m very excited to play it!)


  8. Hello,
    I’m a fan of Braid and have bought both games. I bought the Witness on Steam when it came out. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the system requirements on this laptop to play the game. Now I have a computer designed for my music studio and as a result I made it intentionally to not connect to the internet. Is there a way I can play the Witness under those restrictions?

    • If you want to play on a computer that doesn’t have access to the internet, you can:

      • Buy it on GoG with a computer that has internet access
      • Download the .zip installation file
      • Move the file onto your target computer with a thumb drive
      • Install and enjoy!

      Not having web access will also reduce temptation to look up spoilers for the puzzles, so sounds like a pretty good setup to me.

  9. Damn, I skipped over this deal originally since I have a Mac. Now I’m regretting it!

    Great news that MacOS is coming soon!

  10. Damn, I guess I missed it. I really enjoyed hearing about the game from Eric on the Adam Ruins Everything podcast. Really looking forward to playing this game!

  11. Any chance of the Witness coming to Nintendo Switch?

  12. Oh, that is such good news – I’m really excited about The Witness coming to macOS, thank you so much. I’ll even be happy to pay full price for it!

  13. Congrats one a year with this wonderful game, Jonathan. I have incredibly fond memories of it. In fact, it might be time for me to replay it soon.

    PS: I’d still kill for a physical release. Particularly on the Nintendo Switch, but a boxed PC version would also be very nice to own. Hell, I might buy both.

  14. My birthday is on March 29, and I would love to get this game. Can you get it out on macOS soon?

  15. I’ve heard as a reason from other developers that mac ports are difficult that the graphics libraries are now a bit out of date. It’s still at OpenGL 4.1 and Metal is obviously a unique library. I wonder how it’s been for you guys with your own engine?

  16. How is touch support for Windows coming along? Any ETA? Owned th gam since launch and still have yet to play it

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