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Since a lot of you have been asking for them, I put together a few wallpapers based on those poster ideas from a while ago (most of which were created by Luis, who has a great eye for composition. Hopefully I didn’t butcher them too badly.) My hope is that at some point we will […]

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Here’s That Poster

In May, we wrote about a bunch of ideas for posters for The Witness. We couldn’t say so at the time, but we were prompted to do this by the inclusion of such a poster in a PlayStation 4 promotional video. Of all the possibilities we ran through, here’s the one we liked the most: […]

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A Long Overdue Tree Update

Hello! I’m Orsi, the girl who ended up modeling most of the trees for this game. When I joined the team two years ago, I didn’t think I would be doing much serious environment modeling. I was fresh out of school, hired to develop some interesting, hidden things around the island. For the first six […]

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Poster Ideas

We were kicking around ideas of what a Witness poster would look like if we were to make one. We eventually came up with one that we really liked, and we’ll release that at some point in the future. But in the meantime we thought it would be nice to show some of the runner-up […]

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Peter Thiel on Secrets

Peter Thiel is teaching a class at Stanford about how to start a technology company. One of the students is posting thorough class notes online. In this instalment, Thiel takes the question of what kind of company to start and reframes it in terms of secrets. Thiel’s point of view reminds me of the way […]

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Island Update

We’ve done a first pass at changing the shape of the island terrain, and here’s the result: The changes are a little bit drastic in some spots, but overall not as drastic as I had expected. I had been worried about some issues in the natural flow of where players would naturally end up going, […]

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Designing to Reveal the Nature of the Universe

This talk was presented by Jonathan Blow and Marc ten Bosch at Indiecade on October 7, 2011. Any system of interactivity can of course be explored: If X happens, what are the consequences? What are all the ways in which pattern Y expresses itself, and to what do those expressions lead? By inspecting the structure […]

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Interview on GameSpot’s HotSpot podcast

GameSpot’s podcast, HotSpot, had Jonathan Blow as a guest for the September 14th episode. There’s a bit of an interview, and chatting about various game topics; some discussion of Braid, some of The Witness, and what makes a good puzzle? Here’s the link.

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A podcast with some background details…

Back during the press tour, Michael Abbott invited me to come onto the Brainy Gamer Podcast, and the resulting episode is now live. It’s got some inside-baseball stuff that hasn’t been talked about in the press coverage. So that’s something. See also the previous episodes with Manveer Heir and Matthew Burns.

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Previews of The Witness are now out there.

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been showing a preview version of The Witness to various folks in the press who were interested. Typically I just have them sit down and play for a couple of hours, from the beginning, with no guidance from me; afterward, we talk about what they just played. Previews […]

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